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The Nursing Career Framework interactive tool is designed to help you plan and explore future steps in your nursing career.  The tool builds on the pathway-based framework set out in the post registration career framework for nurses. You may want to develop a  career in management, education or research, or develop yourself clinically; most nursing careers combine one or more of these elements in varying degrees. The tool contains useful information about the skills and competences you may need to work at different levels in the pathways. You will find  information about different types of jobs including case studies from nurses working in those roles. You will also find links to other tools and resources, designed to help guide you in your career choices.

Framework Levels

Once registered as a nurse, you've already reached level 5 as a healthcare practitioner on the NHS Career Framework.  You will undergo preceptorship to develop your confidence and soon become a preceptor or mentor yourself.

• Level 5 - Practitioner 
• Level 6 - Senior practitioner 
• Level 7 - Advanced practitioner 
• Level 8 - Consultant practitioner 
• Level 9 - Senior Leader

These levels are not intended to mirror payband levels, which may differ from organisation to organisation, nor do they necessarily correspond to university higher education levels.